We Could Recover
£Thousands You Didn’t Know You Could Get

We are consumer champions fighting for the money you didn’t know you could get! In just a few questions we could get you thousands!
We Could Recover <br><strong class='text-secondary'>£Thousands</strong> You Didn’t Know You Could Get

Win With Wyndan

Wyndan is one of the UK’s biggest financial consumer service companies. It provides millions of users information about all things claiming and saving money. The goal at Wyndan is simple – we’re dedicated to cutting consumer bills, claiming and saving money for everyone. We contact millions of customers every year. Our MoneySense Free subscription service which is launching very soon is full of exclusive deals, tricks and MoneySensible guides, all aimed at helping people make the most of their cash.
We get back what's yours

We get back what’s yours!

We assist in recovering money which has either been taken from customers wrongfully or has been incorrectly administered. 
We make it simple!

We make it simple!

The financial and tax environment can become quite complicated leaving people unaware of where to look to see what should be rightfully theirs. As a result millions of UK residents are missing out and/or overpaying.
We are on your side

We are on your side!

It is our mission to assist people in recovering every penny of what could be theirs. 

About us

Who Are Wyndan

Wyndan are a financial services company. We assist in recovering money which has either been taken from customers wrongfully or has been incorrectly administered by UK  businesses and financial institutions. We also provide people with money saving services free of charge. We are the ultimate toolkit for claiming and saving money. 


Available for people of the UK

15 Years

Experience between our team


Already recovered for our customers


Of people are eligible 

Our customers are our main priority

Need to talk to us?

Our customers are our main priority

Our customers are our number 1 priority, your best interest is our interest.

Putting our customers first is what we do, this is why we strive to make our service as easy, simple and quick as possible. Our purpose is to ensure our customers are refunded every penny that is theirs wether they are unaware what they are owed, dont know how or simply don’t have time. 

We strive to solve every problem at it’s core, however should you have a query please get in touch by following these simple steps! 

Visit our Help centre here 
Help Centre
Send us an email or request a call back by using our IVR system
Wait 24 hours for one member of our team to get back to you

Don’t take our word for it

Trust our customers

Jill  Asquith
Jill Asquith
They were so helpful and helped me to understand the process and make my claim
Michael Kennington
Michael Kennington
Brilliant just Brilliant lovely people time to talk to you and tell you what's what, recommend to anybody 20 out of 10
Teresa Coles
Teresa Coles
Great service very helpful and polite customer service
Paul Mould
Paul Mould
Very good service. Clear instructions that are easy to follow. A very thorough service.
Bernard McKeown
Bernard McKeown
What an excellent buy, well worth the money, comfortable night sleeps now
Tracey McCarron Williamson
Tracey McCarron Williamson
Excellent service from start to finish
Richard Nix
Richard Nix
Have no qualms with Wyndan Group. Very efficient in dealing with my PPI claims

Coming Soon

Don’t miss out on a penny

Our Free Money Saving Service

We have a new free service coming soon with the potential of saving thousands. It will feature bespoke questionnaires to create a personalised savings centre with coupons to popular shopping destinations. 
No Win No Fee

If we don’t find you a refund, we do not charge a fee

We offer a no win no fee based service where we conduct a full screening to locate any and all funds that you didn’t even know you could be eligible for. 
We do charge large fees for our services, and by no means are you forced to use us. However by using our services we may be able to find you money that you didn’t know you were missing out on! You Win, We Win!

What do you charge?

Our fee’s explained

At Wyndan we simply offer a service to help people get back what they didn’t know they were entitled to, we offer a no win no fee based service where we conduct a full screening to locate any and all funds that you didn’t even know you could be eligible for. We do charge fees for our services, and by no means are you forced to use us. 

No Win No Fee

Our service runs on a no win no fee basis, meaning you will not be charged if we are unable to locate any funds you may be eligible for. 

We will only charge a fee if we are successful in locating a refund.

Our fees are uniquely calculated for each refund

All our fees are calculated on a case by case basis meaning they are determined on the refunds value. 

** Important ** Before you accept us to work on your behalf please read carefully our terms and conditions and fee structure.

You win, We win

When we win, we reinvest back into our business and its instructure to help enhance our services. So by using us, It helps us make our offering better for you. We will always try to locate better ways to help you claim and save money. 
Our Core Values
At Wyndan our moral standards are set by us as a whole and by the individual employees within our organization. 

These principles take into account our values, standards, regulations and industry rules that dictate how we behave in our workplace and how we as a business operate in the community.

Our advertising and messaging protocol
You see one of our marketing campaigns and interact with it 
You accept & continue - Agree for us to act on your behalf in recovering you funds.
We perform various checks to locate any and all funds which we then provide you if we are successful
Depending on the provider we will send you a cheque with our fees pre-deducted
At Wyndan we never  contact you without you interacting with our services through our various marketing channels first. By interacting with these channels you also are agreeing for us to act on your behalf and contact you.  

We regularly contact our customers directly with updates on their refund and to work directly with the individual if we require any further information. 

We believe that this contact is vital in offering a seamless service which is easy and clear as possible. 

How we contact you?

We never cold call

At Wyndan, we pride ourselves on running an honest and ethical business that provides a trust worthy service and we believe that cold calling goes against this and don’t use cold calling within our business practice. Just like our messaging protocol we will never contact you if you haven’t interacted with our various marketing channels first. 

Our Contact

You will only receive a call from us if you have signed up to our service. We only contact our customers via telephone if there are issues or missing information on their account. We contact our customers directly to ensure we continue to offer a seamless service which is easy, quick and clear as possible.

We take data seriously

The Wyndan Group takes your privacy very seriously, and we want to assure you that your personal information is safe with us. Our privacy policy covers how we treat your data. We understand that people provide their detail with confidence and trust and this should never be exploited!
If its not Wyndan

If it’s not Wyndan, it's not us

Some of our customers have noticed Copycat company’s and competitors leaving fake and defaming reviews about our brand. All we ask is play fair.

We are not affiliated, associated, authorised, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with them. If the names Not WYNDAN it’s not us.

If you have any doubts you can apply online via our portal through one of our many adds or contact us via our help section. 

Wyndan’s the name saving you money is the game.