Who are we?

We are the toolkit for claiming & saving money

Through our products and services we will help establish what you could be owed compensation on and take a look at your current financial circumstances to help ensure you are receiving the best value for money

Amount Claimed

To date we have claimed a total over £15 million for our customers in less than 18 months. Our average successful customer receives £1,600

% Success Rate

To date 77% of our customers have received a refund on at least one of their claims that we have processed for them when using our services

No-win, no-fee

We provide professional services without risk. Our customers are never left out of pocket & our fees always leave our customers the lion share of compensation

What we do

Take a look below for the services which we offer

Financial Claims
Due to a history of improper conduct & unfair selling practices by UK financial providers, we have helped our customers reclaim what’s their share of Billions of £’s of compensation
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Tax Claims
Millions of pounds remain unclaimed from HMRC which is owed to British taxpayers, we help you recover what is yours without you having to do the legwork
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Travel Claims
You would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't been delayed or never made their destination at all due to the failure of travel services. You could be owed £1000’s
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Money Monitoring
Coming Soon
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What we do at Wyndan

Our main projects at Wyndan

Marriage Allowance
Married couples since 2015 have been eligible for the Marriage Allowance scheme which could result in a tax rebate of up to £1,220
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PBA Claim
The second most mis-sold financial product after PPI. Packaged bank account’s are current accounts in which you would pay a monthly fee for benefits such as insurances and breakdown cover. The FCA found that banks were not consistently selling these accounts correctly as recent as 2014
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Just when you thought the PPI scandal was bad enough - Susan Plevin took her lender to the supreme court in 2014 on discovering 71.4% of what she was paying was purely commission. In 2017 the FCA ruled that wherever this compensation exceeded 50% then the customer would be due a refund. Even better, you can still claim after the deadline
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PPI - Deadline Passed
Payment Protection insurance was a type of income protection attached to finance such as credit cards, loans and mortgages. A total of £38.3 billion has been refunded in compensation between Jan 2011 and Dec 2019
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How do I make a claim?

How to make a claim step by step

See just how simple our 4 stage process is below

1. Complete our simple questionnaire

In just a few minutes you can provide the simple information we require

2. Submit your claim securely online

If eligible we will send you a pack for you to fill out your details electronically

3. We’ll liaise with your Claim's Provider

If we need to contact you we will and you can check the progress through your online account

4. Receive your money once successful

You’ll be paid out directly and we can settle any fees owed or we will forward you your share of the refund

Don’t believe us?

Hear it from our customers

Zoe Wild

8 Months Ago

Fantastic company to deal with. Great response service and polite staff. I would highly recommend using this company.


Jake & Mary

8 Months Ago

I was called by a polite gentleman; who asked me if I was interested in their services. I decided to listen to what he was saying and 6 weeks later i've just had a cheque from them for nearly £1,000! My partner and I are gobsmacked! I have recommend them to all the chaps at the golf club. As well anyone reading this!

Rebecca S

9 Months Ago

Got me just over 2 grand back just before Xmas could not of been happier, didn't have to lift a finger


Don’t believe us?

Why you should use us

It's easy

We ask you a set of simple questions based on the claim you are submitting without you having to figure out what the potential issues are in the first place and how to effectively position your argument

Monitor your claim

Our claims portal means you can access and view the status of your claim at any time. Our customer service team are on hand to answer your questions via live chat, email, SMS and phone

We are experienced

With years of experience in the industry accompanied with external legal experts knowledge we have been able to establish effective arguments for our customers based on their circumstances

We are efficient

Due to the volume of complaints we deal with, we have lines of communication setup to stay on top of your claims and get answers without you having to sit on hold

Apply in seconds

We have made a simple but effective process which means your precious time isn’t wasted on what we are good at. Allowing you to sit back while we fight your corner

You can trust us

As a regulated firm by the Financial Conduct Authority we are held to high standards, and rightly so. We remain clear and transparent throughout your claims process