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By logging into your portal account at the top of this page, you can access your claims and see the current status. 

Unfortunately, the deadline for submitting a PPI complaint – 29th August 2019 has now passed meaning you can no longer submit a complaint unless you have extenuating circumstances. You can still though potentially submit a Plevin complaint, find out more here.

Due to the unexpectedly large volumes of PPI complaints and enquiries submitted prior to the deadline the recipients of the claims have been unable to cope with the demand. This was exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic in which a number of banks paused their PPI operations in order to maintain essential banking services. We expect that the majority of complaints should have a decision by March 2021.

If you had your finance/account with them a number of years ago then the likelihood is your address and/or name could have been different. That’s why it was important to ensure all information was correct during the initial submission prior to the deadline. Most banks will not accept resubmission of enquiries with extra information.

A PPI complaint looks into how the policy was sold to you considering your personal circumstances at the time to assess its suitability. A Plevin complaint looks solely at the commission element of the policy and does not consider how the policy was sold with the exception of your awareness of the level of commission.

Some banks do require you to downgrade your account if your claim is successful, the reason they give is that the account was not sold correctly therefore cannot continue to be provided. If you have to downgrade your account you are able to get a PBA with the same provider (If they still offer one) or with another provider.

Yes you can; if you are still in contact with the joint party then you can both claim, if not in most cases you will be able to claim half.

If you have divorced then you can no longer claim marriage allowance and neither can you claim a rebate for the years you were married. If you part has passed away then you will be able to claim for the years they were alive; you will have to involve the executor of the deceased’s estate in the claim, in many cases this may be yourself.

A normal calendar years runs from 1st Jan – 31st Dec; whereas a tax year runs from 6th Apr – 5th Apr.

Yes it does, if your pensions (combined if you have multiple) exceed the personal allowance then you will be liable for income tax much like any wage/salary you could have earned from a job.

The vast majority of benefits are non-taxable, so do not need to be counted as income. To check if this applies to yourself speak to a member of our team on live chat.

Banks and finance providers are no longer accepting any PPI related complaints such as Plevin as the deadline for these complaints have now passed. Therefore, the only way to claim is via the courts.

In order to assess whether you held a PPI policy including if the level of commission charged and if this has been previously refunded, we have to submit a data subject access request to retrieve this information.

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