Financial Claims

See if you are one of millions of UK residents affected by mis-selling as far back as the 1970s from insurance through to your bank account. Financial providers have repaid billion's in compensation in the last decade with the majority of the UK population affected in some way
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Financial Claims

What is it?

Financial claims are to do with products and/or services provided by financial institutions such as banks, lenders or insurance companies
Majority of finance related institutions have regulations which they must adhere to which are set by the FCA/PRA. The rules can be lengthly and complex meaning it takes a good understanding to pin point where foul play has occurred and how to get remediation. Some of the biggest scandals to date have been committed by financial institutions and whilst less seem to be reported due to tighter regulation and better oversight, there still remains a large number of people afflicted from previous years yet to have their case heard. 
Payment Protection insurance dominated the financial claim headlines for the past 10-15 years and opened up further scrutiny to lenders and their wrongdoings. As a result claimants are appearing across many different financial products from the small such as overdraft charges right through to the larger investments and pensions. Most individuals who receive compensation for a financial claim receive the money they lost plus 8% statutory compensation. Refunds have varied from a few hundred pounds to in excess of £100k.


The second most mis-sold financial product after PPI. Packaged bank account’s are current accounts in which you would pay a monthly fee for benefits such as insurances and breakdown cover. The FCA found that banks were not consistently selling these accounts correctly as late as 2014. These cases can be quite complicated as many people will have used their accounts for a number of years, which within their personal circumstances would most likely have changed multiple times. We are able to navigate through the complexity to pin point the key elements of any complaint and give you tried and tested representation on your claim


Payment Protection insurance was a type of income protection attached to finance such as credit cards, loans and mortgages. A total of £38.3 billion has been refunded in compensation between Jan 2011 and Dec 2019
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Just when you thought the PPI scandal was bad enough - Susan Plevin took her lender to the supreme court in 2014 on discovering 71.4% of what she was paying was purely commission. In 2017 the FCA ruled that wherever this compensation exceeded 50% then the customer would be due a refund. Even better, you can still claim after the deadline
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Who was it?

Which companies can I claim against?

Whether you still have an account or it was closed a number of years ago - if you have dealt with one of these lenders with regards to finance or current accounts then you may have a claim to make
And Many More...

Who is affected?

Who is affected by financial claims?

As nearly every single adult in the UK is required to have a bank account at some point in their lives and the vast majority taking some form of finance in that time; you'd be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't been potentially affected
Over 50

Over 50

The one's who deserve a break
With all financial claims there are 2 things which increase the amount of any refund. The amount of time it affected an individual i.e. the older the larger and the amount of years that make up the compensatory interest (again the older the larger)
Under 50 but over 18

Under 50 but over 18

The sweet spots
Consumer credit has become increasingly popular since the 1990s as well as the advent of packaged accounts resulting in many young adults as well as 3rd and 4th generation being potentially mis-sold in some form

How it works

See just how simple our 4 stage process is below

1. Complete our simple questionnaire

In just a few minutes you can provide the simple information we require

2. Submit your claim securely online

If eligible we will send you a pack for you to fill out your details electronically

3. We’ll liaise with the Bank/Provider

If we need to contact you we will and you can check the progress through your account

4. Receive your money once successful

You’ll be paid out directly and we can settle any fees owed

PPI - Deadline passed

Payment Protection insurance claims had to be made before the FCA imposed deadline of 29th August 2019. Don't worry if you got yours in before then as your case will be considered

We helped over 10,000 get the money they deserved

Customers making claims for the first time and customers that had previous claims fall through have all had success through ourselves and are now thankful they got there before it was too late

We have won over £14,000,000 in PPI

…And counting. Delays casued by the sheer volume of complaints before the deadline compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic caused unexpected delays meaning we still have a good amount to go for our customers

But Also

It's easy

We ask you a set of simple questions based on the claim you are submitting without you having to figure out what the potential issues are in the first place and how to effectively position your argument

Monitor your claim

Our claims portal means you can access and view the status of your claim at any time. Our customer service team are on hand to answer your questions via live chat, email, SMS and phone

We are experienced

With years of experience in the industry accompanied with external legal experts knowledge we have been able to establish effective arguments for our customers base on their circumstances

We are efficient

Due to the volume of complaints we deal with we have lines of communication setup to stay on top of your claims and get answers without you having to sit on hold

Apply in seconds

We have made a simple but effective process which means your precious time isn’t wasted on what we are good at

You can trust us

As a regulated firm by the Financial Conduct Authority we are held to high standards, and rightly so. We remain clear and transparent throughout your claims process

Success stories

What people say about it

Zoe Wild

8 Months Ago

Fantastic company to deal with. Great response service and polite staff. I would highly recommend using this company.


Sarah S

9 Months Ago

I used Wyndan Group for my PPI claim. I found the staff to be very polite and helpful throughout the process. I recommended them to my Parents for marriage tax and they got over £1,000 back for them. I would definitely recommend them!


Chris K

9 Months Ago

Informed that I could relook into my PPI claims despite getting nothing first time round. Managed to get me back 3 grand so far, still some clams left open


Rebecca S

9 Months Ago

Got me just over 2 grand back just before Xmas could not of been happier, didn't have to lift a finger