Tax Claims

Millions of UK taxpayers lose out on their tax benefits each year without realising, we can go back 5 years and potentially recover thousands
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Tax Claims

What is it?

What do we mean by Tax claim?

Tax comes in many forms - income, inheritance, dividends etc. The processes setup can be quite complex but very fruitful. We can deal with the complexity for you leaving you with the fruit
Wyndan Group Ltd is an accountancy service provider as well as a professional claims management company. That means as a tax agent we can help investigate and determine what you may be owed in tax benefits. There are a large number of schemes available which most are completely unaware of. We have regained money for customers across these schemes which has put hundreds of £’s back in to their pockets each and every tax year. Tax is inherently complex despite digitalisation helping to alleviate that. 
So whether you’re still not sure what applies to you or whether the traditional methods are more suited to you but eat away at the limited time you have then we can take this burden from you. It’s also very important you take the correct steps in changing your tax situation as well as your tax code as the last thing you want to do is put yourself in a position of owing more. Thanks to our experience and expertise we can put you in a safe position. Not only that, if it turns out you really aren’t owed anything then we offer our accountancy services as no-win, no-fee where our fees only apply to funds we recover for you.

Marriage Allowance

Married couples since 2015 have been eligible for the Marriage Allowance scheme which could result in a tax rebate of up to £1,220
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Expense claims apply to both employed and self-employed individuals on travel,  working from home, vehicles and uniform.

Construction, Security and Armed Forces

The nature of work in these industries mean employees and the self-employed will likely have a number of transactions and benefits which they can claim tax relief on. Some of these claims can be well in excess of a couple thousand pounds. Yes they require paperwork and a great deal of getting your tax affairs in order but we guide you through this with ease and do the leg work for you.

What do I get?

What do I get?

What you could get out of a Tax claim

Tax claims largely come down to the individual and their circumstances. However if you fit the criteria for one of our claims then the chances are you could be due a tidy sum. You can take a no-win, no-fee approach with ourselves as unlike a lot of other accountancy service providers, we don’t charge up front fees and we charge you based on what we recover for you. We will always be able to give you a better estimate with some simple details, so the best way to find out is to take our simple questionnaire

Who is affected

Who is affected by these Tax claims

As a UK resident you most likely will have been affected by tax in one way or another. The easiest way to check if you are owed anything is to get in touch and in a matter of minutes we can assess your suitability


The one's who deserve a break
At retirement a whole host of tax benefits may be applicable to yourself. Pension is still classed as income so therefore is considered taxable, it’s important you get the right tax relief at this time more than ever

Currently Working

Currently Working

The sweet spots
Don’t assume just because you don’t work in a job which involves expenses or having to wear uniform that you are not eligible, make sure you check you’re not missing out.
Married Couples

Married Couples

Say “I Do” to Marriage Allowance
Marriage Allowance is applicable to over 4 million couples yet only a small percentage of that are aware that they can apply. We can go back up to 5 years but as each year goes by, the amount you can claim reduces so make sure to get there ahead of the next tax year

How it works

See just how simple our 4 stage process is below

1. Complete our simple questionnaire

In just a few minutes you can provide us the simple information we require

2. Submit your claim securely online

If eligible we will send you a pack for you to fill out your details electronically

3. We’ll liaise with HMRC for you

If we need to contact you we will and you can check the progress through your online account

4. Receive your money once successful

We will process your cheque once we receive the funds from HMRC

Don’t believe us?

This is why you should use us

Your tax affairs are something you can mange yourself. If you decide to do it yourself then proceed with caution. As the last thing you want is not just to miss out on money but to end up owing money that you may not technically need to pay had it been done correctly

We are a Tax agent

We are supervised by HMRC as an accountancy service provider. We have a dedicated tax agent line which we are able to use to manage our customers tax affairs

Professional Service

We will explore what we can assist you with your tax to help maximise your returns. Our expertise on the matter means you don't miss out each tax year


We process thousands of these tax claims each and every single year allowing us to establish a tried and tested format for success

Marriage Tax

Millions of UK couples can claim tax relief each year by transferring 10% of the personal allowance of the lower earner to the higher earner

Over £600,000 claimed

In a matter of months we have already started recovering thousand of pounds for our customers and their rebates are continuing to roll in

Over 7,000 clients

We have great experience of the claims thanks to our loyal customers and our processes have become more efficient with each one

But Also

It's easy

We ask you a set of simple questions based on the claim you are submitting without you having to figure out what the potential issues are in the first place and how to effectively position your argument

Monitor your claim

Our claims portal means you can access and view the status of your claim at any time. Our customer service team are on hand to answer your questions via live chat, email, SMS and phone

We are experienced

With years of experience in the industry accompanied with external legal experts knowledge we have been able to establish effective arguments for our customers based on their circumstances

We are efficient

Due to the volume of complaints we deal with we have lines of communication setup to stay on top of your claims and get answers without you having to sit on hold

Apply in seconds

We have made a simple but effective process which means your precious time isn’t wasted on what we are good at. Allowing you to sit back while we fight your corner

You can trust us

As a regulated firm by the Financial Conduct Authority we are held to high standards, and rightly so. We remain clear and transparent throughout your claims process

Success stories

What people say about it

Jessica M

11 Months Ago

I’m very impressed with these guys. They called me about a Marriage Allowance claim. I didn’t know what they were talking about, didn’t even know what Marriage Allowance was.

Had a quick chat with them and gave them a couple of details and they sent me a cheque 2 months later. Needless to say, I was very shocked but very happy. I’ve now asked them to look into other things for me. Not sure if I’ll get anything but its worth a pop.

All in all Wyndan Group have helped me do something I didn’t know about and wouldn’t have the foggiest idea how to go about it.

Well done guys!!!

Tom D

11 Months Ago

Wyndan Group have helped me with my PPI and marriage tax claim. I found them easy to deal with and also very courteous. They claimed things for me I had forgotten I even had! Thank you all at Wyndan Group

Jake & Mary

Over 1 Year Ago

I was called by a polite gentleman; who asked me if I was interested in their services. I decided to listen to what he was saying and 6 weeks later i've just had a cheque from them for nearly £1,000! My partner and I are gobsmacked! I have recommend them to all the chaps at the golf club. As well anyone reading this!

Sue S

Over 1 Year Ago

Just got my rebate today for my marriage allowance today. Andy was so helpful in getting this over the line! Thanks once again everyone at Wyndan

Ciaran B

Over 1 Year Ago

Me and my wife signed up to this, the staff helped us throughout the process and kept us informed of any changes made with the claim and managed to get back about £500! Thanks!

Oliver M

Over 1 Year Ago

Top class service. My wife was contacted by the company a couple months back in regards to a marriage tax claim. They let us know how much we were eligible for within 5 mins and all we had to do was sign the forms (which were collected by a courier). Managed to get around £700 back without lifting a finger. would highly recommend!