Travel Claims

Ever been delayed or had your travel cancelled including flights, cruises and trains?
Travel Claims

What is It?

What do we mean by Travel claim?

Thanks to EU and UK regulation you are protected on the majority of your travel if it is significantly late or cancelled
EU law dictates that if an individual is subject to a delay of more than 2 hours then they could be due compensation. Not only this the longer this delay is or in the event of cancellation the refund increases significantly. There are a few complexities to these cases which can depend on location and reasons for delays and/or cancellations. We have the experience to easily circumnavigate these issues for you and take care of your claim. Also after Brexit the UK have transitioned certain EU laws into UK law including the laws around compensation for these claims, so don’t worry after 31st Dec 2020 - you’re still covered. 
2020 is a little more confusing due in large part to the Covid-19 pandemic. That being said many UK holidaymakers have been unfairly left out of pocket for their affected travel. We also help business customers too and if you had the whole family with you then every person who had a booked seat including children are due their money back where eligible.

Flight Delay

Been delayed for at least 2 hours on any flight in the last 6 years then you are likely due compensation

Train Delay

UK train companies are required to refund customers for delays as little as 15 minutes. Don’t worry if it was a while ago too

Who is affected

Who is affected by these travel claims

Pretty much anyone

Pretty much anyone

Been on a delayed flight or train?
If you and your family have been delayed on a flight or train journey and you paid for a seat then you could very well be affected and due compensation. Don’t worry about trying to find the nitty gritty details let us do that for you, just make sure you let us know about everyone in your party as to ensure you get the full compensation you deserve

Who was it?

What companies can I claim against?

And Many More...

How it works

See just how simple our 4 stage process is below

1. Fill in the questionnaire and sign up

Fill in our short questionnaire and sign up for an account

2. Sign the pack

If eligible we will send you a pack for you to fill out your details

3. Send the pack back

Once filled out return the pack in the pre paid envelope

4. Receive your money

Once completed you will receive your refund

Don’t believe us?

Why you should use us

It's Easy

We ask you the simple questions without you having to figure out what they are in the first place

Monitor your claim

Our claims portal means you can access and view the status of your claim at any time. Our customer service team are on hand to answer your questions via live chat, email, SMS and phone

We are experienced

With years of experience in the industry accompanied with external legal experts knowledge we have been able to establish effective arguments for our customers base on their circumstances

We are efficient

Due to the volume of complaints we deal with we have lines of communication setup to stay on top of your claims and get answers without you having to sit on hold

Apply in seconds

We have made a simple but effective process which means your precious time isn’t wasted on what we are good at. Allowing you to sit back while we fight your corner

You can trust us

As a regulated firm by the Financial Conduct Authority we are held to high standards, and rightly so. We remain clear and transparent throughout your claims process
COVID-19 stopped your travels? We can help

COVID-19 stopped your travels? We can help

Have you been affected by the coronavirus pandemic when it comes to your travel plans? Is your airline or travel agent leaving you in the dark? Let us fight your corner and see what we can do for you. Whilst the pandemic has been difficult on people and businesses alike, there’s no reason why you should be the one to suffer. We know your rights inside out and our professional team will review your case to see where we can help you