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Are you one of millions who was paying over the odds with more than 50% of your PPI payments going solely towards commission as opposed to the cost of your policy?
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Plevin Claim

What is it?

What is a Plevin Claim?

In 2014 Susan Plevin discovered she was paying 72% of her premiums solely towards commission to Paragon as opposed to the cost of her policy. She took Paragon to the supreme court and won. Now, thanks to that case millions of others are due refunds too
PPI has been largely in the public domain for the last decade with refunds toppling £38 billion. Once the court had ruled in Susan Plevin's favour the FCA had to decide what was unfair when it came to commission and how banks should refund customers affected. It was decided that the tipping point would be at 50%. Therefore if the amount of commission you paid exceeded 50% you would be due the difference as compensation, plus compensatory and associated interest. Now the deadline has come in to place the normal DISP channel has now closed. As a result, these cases are now being handled in the courts, as here the deadline does not apply. Given that the revelation of unfair commission is only a few years old and the rules around compensation even more recent, normal statutes of limitation have only just began to apply.
Meaning despite the deadline consumers are still legally protected and can have their day in court. As a result, in some cases a few banks have decided to offer compensation despite receiving Plevin complaints after the deadline, whilst those that they refuse are lining themselves up for a legal battle. Furthermore, Canada Square Operations vs. Potter resulted in the normal 6 year limitation being overturned; resulting in the door being opened for even more potential claimants. So if you felt you missed out on a PPI refund, or even had one rejected in the past then you may just have a second chance.

Who is affected

Who is affected by these financial claims

Plevin claims are only possible with the presence of a PPI policy, so much like them they affect anyone who may have taken finance right back to the 1970s - including credit cards, loans, mortgages and consumer finances e.g. sofa, store purchase etc.
Over 50

Over 50

The one's who deserve a break
The longer you've had a finance with PPI the higher the potential refund for any Plevin claim. Also each finance will have had it's own rate of commission meaning many people have multiple claims
Under 50 but over 18

Under 50 but over 18

The sweet spots
A lot of people who previously had their consumer credit claims rejected all of a sudden have an opportunity to reclaim for unfair commission. Most providers were not regulated until 2005 meaning they were able to refuse many complaints that the larger banks could not. However unfair commission complaints don't escape anybody so if you've had a store card or catalogue finance make sure you get yours checked

The In’s and out’s

Plevin claims are relatively new and a large number are still to be decisioned

The courts process can be a long and arduous process; as it is our job to ensure the claim goes through we can take away the worry that you won't miss your opportunity

No-win, No-fee

Legal cases in the courts can soon start to accumulate hefty fees but we only charge you if your case wins - eliminating your risk

Legal experts

We work with a panel of legal experts and have those best suited to pursue your case. We have a shared interest in the outcome guaranteeing we will give our best to get the desired outcome for us both

Real time updates

You can track the progress of your claim at any time via our online claims portal, allowing you to have a detailed and informed update on your claim

Don’t believe us?

Why you should use us

We have combined our own experiences of these claims with legal analysis whilst studying the regulations behind the responsibility of financial lenders when providing these products. This has allowed us to shape a process which does away with the unnecessary and harmful components to leave you with a smooth claim process with competitive success


Just when you thought how the banks sold PPI was bad enough it turns out the majority of what a lot of people were paying was pure commission. We can establish which of your finances have been affected and our legal partners can represent your case in court

We handle court

Don’t concern yourself with appearing in a courtroom to argue your case. Our legal partners will do this for you alongside a number of other claimants which helps add weight to your case

Making the complicated simple

The courts process as you can imagine can become quite complicated. Not only that solicitor fee’s regardless of outcome can be expensive. You don’t need to worry about this though as we remain no-win, no-fee whilst covering those initial costs

Who was it?

What companies can I claim against?

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